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About Us

From an early age, Ryan, owner of Dirt Specialty Products, enjoyed designing, building, repairing and modifying anything with wheels.  After riding dirtbikes for many years, he built his first long travel Ford Ranger at the age of 16, funded by his wages earned doing handiwork, lawn mower repairs and wrenching on go-karts at the local track.  

Many lessons were learned behind the wheel of that truck, fueling Ryan's passion to build, create, and share his talents with others.  He continued to fabricate on anything from trucks, to structural steel to UTVs and more until in 2015, when he finally turned his passion into a business where he could continue to share his work with others. Dirt Specialty Products is now based in Upland, CA and specializes in UTV parts and accessories.


The love for the sport is the motivation behind everything the team at Dirt Specialty Products does.  We all ride, just like you.  Every part we make is thoroughly tested and handcrafted for you, the customer.


Below, The original RZR behind the founding of Dirt Specialty Products